(1) Adoption of the EOS CODE Principles

The EOS Code has been adopted as a reflection of our strong commitment to raise the long term competitiveness of tourist enterprises across Europe.

By adhering to it we commit to the vision of tourism growth which is responsible in its approach to environment, to cultural richness and biodiversity, social needs, to the quality of life of local communities and economic prosperity that offers employment opportunities, fair pay and equal conditions for all employees, avoiding all forms of discrimination and degradation.

Statement of Commitment for the Development of Sustainable Tourism
The signatories to this Code respect the following principles, while fully abiding by local, national and regional regulations:

• Operate and manage the business in a responsible manner endeavouring, to protect and sustain natural and cultural resources and social structures by implementing at least one initiative listed in the Handbook of Best Practices.

• Monitor the environmental, social, cultural and economic impacts of our business and prepare, implement and review an annual business plan on sustainable tourism.

• Educate and train our employees on environmental and cultural values in tourism, travel options and suppliers that implement programs which protect and sustain the environment.

• Inform and raise awareness among customers on responsible and sustainable behaviours (examples can be found in the Handbook of Best Practices).

• Encourage and participate in activities that will support local economy and enhance local employment.

• Use tourism marketing to raise awareness on environmental, social and cultural diversity and richness.

• Take care of constant improvement of product and services quality through implementation of business practices in Quality Management (please refer to the Handbook of Best Practices).

• Appoint a person within the company that will be responsible for projects and activities related to sustainability in tourism.

• Share the best practices with other signatories of the Code.

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The Project "EOS CODE" is part of the EU's Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP), which aims to encourage the competitiveness of European enterprises.
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